Selina has been working with people around the world to heal themselves for over 30 years.  If you’re one of these people, you know what an amazing, vital and funny woman she is, and how profound and life-changing it is to work with her.

Selina is, and she gives, pure joy

You’ve all been asking for a place to record your stories and share your memories and experiences of Selina, so here it is at last!

Feel free to comment below.  If you’d prefer to share your story or testimonial with Selina alone, she’s always happy to hear from you by email: We’d love any great photos you’ve got of Selina and you together if you’d care to share. The more of those smiles we can get onto this website the better!

And if you’d like to support Selina’s work, do stop by the love bank and make a donation. It’ll probably be easier than trying to cajole her into accepting your money in person!


30 responses »

  1. I have known Selina for many years, and she had a tremendous impact in my life, she coached me for a few years to reach my goal and embrace it in perfect harmony.
    I’m very grateful to have her in my life.

    Alexandra (TV host for French Television)

  2. I have known Selina for 20 years ! I have alwyas enjoyed her loving spirit and quick witted humor. This month has been a phenomenal expierence in our relationship, I’ve grown. Shes taught and shared her healing techniques, or should i say “Awakenings”I have witnessed transformation, i have expierenced my own, i will never be the same. I am ready and willing to grow and know.
    Thank you my loving sweet angel, you have a gift and you are sharing it globally. I look forward t the continuation of our voyage! Miles of smiles.
    Melanie. Las Vegas

  3. Before Selina arrived i was a skeptic prior to the treatment. After i was atrue believer, i gained an insight to how the body can be corrected with the proper help and guidence. My mobility has improved as my wellbeing, and i am no longer a skeptic.
    Ray G Clark
    Retired Police officer
    Las Vegas Nevada.

  4. Selina radiates pure love and she is an absolute joy to be around. Selina is funny, knowledgeable, and so very alive!!
    School Teacher- Utah.

  5. Your website is wonderful! I’m thank-filled for the willingness and creativity of whomever created this space for you…for US!

    I love you Seline! 🙂 xoxoxo can’t wait to see you on the other side of the pond! 🙂

  6. I am truly grateful to have met Selina! This was my first experience with ‘cupping’ and I felt energized and refreshed. Great experience! I’m looking forward to my body feeling great and keeping it energized. Thank you for showing the ‘cooling foods’ to eat and the ‘nettle tea’ to keep healthy.

    You are an angel Selina!

    Deanna Werbicky
    Commercial Realtor
    Las Vegas

  7. Thank you for the experience, if was very interesting. I’ve been trying to follow your advice regarding the nettle tea and attempting to keep any organs ‘cool’. Wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon.

    Rob Werbicky
    Attorney at Law
    Las Vegas

  8. I went to Selina just to see what it was all about. My sister Dawn swore by it. My Sciatic Nerve had been bothering me. I actually didn’t think it worked until someone had asked, so couple of days later why I went to her and noticed – it hadn’t bothered me.

    Donna Escoto
    Construction – Rhodes Ranch
    Las Vegas

  9. Girl Energy, laughter, spirituality, smiling, warm hands, hugs. This was a moment in life that I will cherish not only for feeling better but more importantly for the easy company the stories and a glimpse into a different life, different possibilities.

    Nancy McDonald
    Las Vegas

  10. I am so happy I came tonight to meet you, I feel so amazing and I can’t thank you enough. I’m not sure what you did but it feels awesome, I look forward to seeing you again soon. Inner smile.

    Laurie, Dave and Jesse Sturdivant
    Las Vegas Family

  11. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first meeting with Selina, not sure what I expected. But knowing there are no accidents, I believe the universe meant for us to meet. I feel like I’ve known her for years and I’m sorry we don’t live closer, thank you Selina for a wonderful experience.

    Kelley Kerivan-Lagudi – my dogs Rocky the ” Bouncer”

  12. Selina is the most amazing healer I met in my life, and I love to meet healers all over the world. She shows you what you never see before, even if it was in your body for years. After one session you understand a lot more about what your body tried to say for a long time. She always insist that you are the healer, she is only the facilitator. But me I think she is an angel on earth.
    With tenderness, listening, attention, Selina, as a magical fairy, will offer you an amazing experience. And you will have a lot of fun, she inspire joy and cheerfulness, even during tough time.
    Selina is pure Love. She is an angel, happy to serve people. I bring my Mom, my Godfather, my nephew to see her and she had amazing results on them. I can’t wait to bring all my friends and family.
    If you are lucky, go to see this outstanding woman. Sure you will laugh and sure it will be a beautiful gift in your life.
    Caroline Borghetto.

  13. I have never tried this before but was very willing to check it out. I did not notice anything that night, but by the next morning i was walking better and i have improved each day since.
    Hurry back to see us Selina
    Love from Laura Clark
    Las Vegas, Casino worker

  14. What is there to say about Selina ! I was a little skeptical when she was refereed to me, but i had nothing to lose as i was in so much pain. I had been to see so many doctors.
    I have since found out I had so much to gain !!!!
    Misdiagnosis as “GERD” Gastric esophegul reflux disease.
    Besides the feeling of swallowing something to big, very hard going up and down, with extreme pain, it felt at times that i would vomit my food up. The burning sensation was horrendous and the feeling of a big hole in my stomach was unbearable, my food intake was down to a minimum.
    Selina arrived like a ball of energy,full of love,caring and an all good aura.
    She worked with me for 2 hours and in the end the burning sensation was gone.!!
    Again very leary i thought it would only last a short time, this was in October 2009 its now 3/10 and am still great!
    I had deleted citrus, acidic and raw vegetables from my diet 😦 So i tested my new found energy and lack of pain…. A taco with lettuce in a fried shell No pain… still no pain today.
    I am so grateful for my new found friend, who has taught me so much about myself, what’s important. how to let go and Live today!!!!
    She has given me so much more than i could write.
    I love you Selina
    Dawn Escoto Riddle
    Las Vegas
    Residential Realtor

  15. Congrats & much luv 2 Selina, I named my child after her, i was so impressed with her & the time i spent with her.
    Lay’s potato chips has a slogan “bet u can’t eat just one” I’ll do them 1 better, “betcha can’t b wit selina just once!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    cause once ur n her pressence you’ll always want more…………..
    Cincinnati Ohio

  16. You say “Profound life-changes can occur after working with Selina” and I say:

    Profound life-changes can occur after a Selina´s embrace.

  17. To my darling friend… Heres some L.O.V.E for you! You are an amazing inspiration in my life and Im so very grateful to have you in it.

    I wish you all the best with your journey of love, life and healing!

    Miles of smiles

    Sugar xxx
    Entrepreneur – London

  18. There are many wonderful things to say about Selina and her work. They don’t call her the universal mum for nothing; she’s strong and loving all in one and totally full of life. I’d recommend seeing her for absolutely any ailment, inside or out.

    Fiona, London
    Life coach

  19. Selina is an extraordinary human being who is also a gifted healer.
    I have experienced and witnesed her incredible abilities all done
    with compassion and humor.

    I have known Selina for years and the wisdom she has shared with me has assisted my growth immeasurably as well as helping me to get through very difficult and trying times, always with gales of laughter and at times tears of joy.

    With a personality that lights up a room..or the entire city…! unconventional wit and a sense of humor she encompasses all cultures and barriers.

    For those of us lucky enough to know her, we are all the better for it.

    I am grateful, beyond words, and I am honored to call her a true friend, I LOVE
    you Selina Ingram!!! “My sister from another mister!!”

    Tu amiga,tu hermana tu companera,
    Cassandra Clement de Grandprey
    Granada, Spain

  20. I first met Selina almost 4 years ago in Thailand on a retreat and we bonded immediately. In fact, as soon as I saw her checking-in I went up to help her orientate herself. She didn’t find out till later that day that I didn’t work there! I just felt so drawn to her.

    Over the next 10 days we fasted, detoxed, laughed and loved together, and I had the privilege and delight to be immersed in her energy and the healing joy of her spirit. She is one of the most joyful people I have ever met, and the heal-in that I experienced with her in Thailand has been working its way through my life ever since.

    To be honest, some of the changes that she saw I needed to make in my life have taken me until very recently to make, and we are now working together to take our combined wow-factor to childfree women internationally.

    Mama Selina, you rock my world. Rock on, sweet Mama, rock on.

    With a grateful heart,

    Jody x
    Supporting, inspiring & empowering childfree women to live fertile, passionate lives!

  21. I have known Selina for around 5 years now and have to say she has been a beacon of light for me in so many ways. I have been through a great deal of changes since i have known her, some good some not so good but her help and advice during these times has assisted me in succeeding where i may have failed without her.
    She always speaks the truth never mincing her words and I have come to love her like a sister for this.
    The work she has done with me has woken me up and enabled me to really find & get to know my true self like never before. Her explanations and advice help me daily and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants something completely life changing therapy.

    Thank you sister xxx
    DJ Spreadlove
    Naturopathic Practitioner

  22. Selina is one of a kind. A woman that represents true strength, courage and wisdom. Anyone that gets the pleasure of knowing her will get to find how truly blessed this woman is. She inspires, motivates, and makes a difference in the most positive way.

    Not only does she share her talents in her healing ability by evoking strength within, she want’s to pass her knowledge to everyone that she can. A true generous warm hearted spirit that has the ability to light up the whole room.

    Love is something that Selina won’t ever be short of. She treats everyone like family and is one of the most beautiful woman I know.

    I am grateful to be a part of her journey..

    Thank you for being you Sel.

    Lots of musical love. 🙂

    Sonna Rele xXxXx

  23. As someone with MS multiple sclerosis (a condition which affects the neurological systems of the body) I’ve experienced many therapies reflexology, shiatsu, CST and acupuncture to name a few and though I know they must be doing some good I rarely notice any conceivable difference.
    This was not the case with Selina, rather than having the treatment ‘done to you’ you partake in it! Being led by Selina’s love and energy through stories, laughter, breathing and hotspots (she knew exactly where they were!!) my session had whizzed by.
    I was over the moon… my gait (walking) had improved, my posture had improved and my movement was less resticted but it doesn’t end there, with the homework set by Selina I was able to maintain the feelings of the improvements, so much so that for the first time in five years I had the confidence to walk out to the shops with out my crutch!! I was sooo pleased with myself and the work done with Selina, I’m still beaming…. it can only get better and can’t wait to see this special special lady again.

    In deep gratitude, your friend always xx

    Bliss you xx

    Claire McIntyre
    London Uk

  24. Selina is love. Selina inspires me.

    Selina lights the atmosphere with her presence. When she speaks you will find yourself spellbound. Selina’s magnetism is so potent she effortlessly makes an impact felt and long-lasting. Time spent with Selina is time spent co-creating, regenerating and ultimately transforming.

    Maurice Bretzfield
    New York City, New York

  25. I met Selina some years ago and instantly felt a strong connection with her.The years have gone by and recently my life spiralled out of control .Not my family,nor my girlfriend of 8 years were able to understand or cope with me and it was only Selina that through her guidance ,laughter and incredible patience,listening to all my bullshit,she stood by my side and leaves me eternally grateful.Many spiritual experiences snowballed along our journey.Her energy and light as a human being are glorious.In this world of increasing materialism and consumerism Selina is a beacon of illuminated truth.I trust her abilities and skills as a healer and as a good genuine human being.Thankyou Selina for your love and support.
    Darius -Artist .

  26. My husband had cancer he was very weak!! My hubby’s sister brought Selina by to see him, WOW!! after she did what she does, he was like “where have u been? I’ve been waiting for you” he had never met her before, yet she brought life back, I will never forget it!! Tks so much for the love that u shared!!
    Las Vegas

  27. Well,where do I start? I have known Selina since way back when! We are family. I must of been a baby in arms when she used to babysit for myself and my two older sisters. Selina is a very close friend to my parents and although she is older than me in years I count Selina as one of my Best friends and I dont even notice the age gap!
    Mammasita,Petunia,Sel.mate these are just a few of the nick names I call her.
    Selina is like mother earth and has been there for me through thick and thin.
    Seven years ago I went through a really tough time physically,mentally,spiritually and emotionally and to be honest I doubted whether id get well again but living with Selina and taking her advice,love and constant care saw me through and I actually emerged from it all feeling better than I ever felt before.
    I have often thanked Selina for being there for me and having an understanding and patience that nobody else could (lol) but Id like to say THANK-YOU again. I always feel I have your support -from helping me write lyrics to being my vocal coach and personal chef!
    I have grown in so many ways and I know for a fact that having our “glue” by my side has contributed immensley
    I just hope and pray that Ms Ingram is showered with love,peace and blessings now and always.
    You are one in a million Sel…love you like curry goat, rice n peas!!!! Hasta luego xxx

  28. I still have no idea of exactly what Selina did or how she did it, all I can say is that after years of problems and pain with my lower back, it all stopped after a very brief session with her and that was over 3 years ago! Many thanks Selina – you are a very talented lady!
    Bristol, UK.

  29. I met Selina at a time in my life where pain was an everyday occurence,and i have been managing my pain with lots of PAIN KILLERS for years, in fact I met her in the airport in may this year (JFK_NY)
    where i was struggling with my bags, she came up to me smiling and offered to help me to the gate, firstly i thought go away! and now, i am so glad today that she did stop to help. Fortunately for me her plane was delayed and we had 3 hours to talk, in that time she convinced me to follow her to a quiet spot where she shared her knowledge along with some techniques that gave me immediate relief and i am still pain free today, at that moment i realised that Selina is absolutely is dedicated to others, and at my age it is so refreshing to meet young people who really want to help others, and more importantly to me she asked for nothing in return, i knew i had met someone special, she told me that her mother had always taught her to be kind and helpful to others and that money wasnt everything.
    I did however purchase a wand from her website and i can honestly say it is the best thing i have ever come across, and i am using it on all my friends and family.
    Selina i want to thank you for stopping and helping a stranger in ways you can never know.
    Good luck with all you do and all the lives you will touch, you truly touched mine and i will forever be grateful for the pain relief, and so much more. God Bless you

    Sandra Jordan
    Atlanta Georgia USA

  30. Well Selina were shall i start, first i’ll start with myself selina and my family go back a life time, we have laughed together, cried together, but most of all we have had so much fun together.
    Selina is a vibant fun loving happy go lucky girl, so full of life and a very spiritual girl, not forgeting kind/sharing, and giving makes her happy. I could go on and on, there is no end to Selina.
    My partner was in a car accident in 2005 and sufferd a lot of damage to his shoulder, he went through countless therapies, accupuncture, you name it he had all the treatments that were available, even chinese lotions and creams.
    I gave Selina a call and explaind it all and selina was in town with in a week, she did the treatment,chinese
    cupping on his shoulder, and within a few day’s the pain grew less and eventually left him all together.
    Thats my girl! and that my friend!
    Its what Selina is all about. If we could bottle a little of what Selina can do for ones spirit we would all be very happy. What selina has to offer comes straight from the heart, and cannot be found in any medicine bottle.
    To know her, is to love her, she’s a star.

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